Use what you are familiar with

When you have an application you are comfortable with, and either a single user or part of a team using it over an Intranet, it makes sense to leverage the value out of that application. It's not always necessary to completely redevelop the application as a Web App - which is often expensive - and requires a lot of a persons time to design, test and maintain it.
Our approach enables you to keep what you are used to, run things the way you want, save on costs and avoid retraining.
None of your current processes are changed.

Have key data at your fingertips

Most desktop applications are built to perform a specific or linked functions. Take Ordering and Invoicing as an example.
Suppose you were visiting a client who had an off the cuff question about a delivery, a cleared cheque, or their current cash balance. You could 'phone into the office and ask those questions - or - you could pull up their details on your mobile device and supply the answers directly. The information displayed on your smart device is the same as that stored on your desktop or office environment. You just have it with you!

We use SQL on the web 

The server we use for demonstrations uses the Microsoft version of SQL. For your server, MySQL or MariaDB may be more appropriate. We will help and advise on the choice. You don't need to be involved with technicalities unless you wish to be. Backups are automatic. Connection to almost any proprietary database is possible, and if you wish to host the web side yourself, that's fine.

Hosting Prices on Smarterasp

If you haven't got your own server, shared hosting starts at $2.99 a month for the basic service rising to $7.99 a month for the Premium Service offered by, who also provide a free 60 day trial!

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